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Pastries and desserts

There is a strong tradition of home baking in the country and patisseries are present in every city and village across the country. Entirely Albanian pastries and desserts consist primarily of fruits including oranges and lemons that grow as well as in the country. Traditionally, fresh fruits are often eaten after a meal as a […]

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Ingredients in Albanian Cuisine

Ingredients Located in Southern Europe with a direct proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, the Albanian cuisine features a wide range of fresh fruits, growing naturally in the fertile Albanian soil and under the warm sun. In consideration of being an agricultural country, Albania is a significant fruit importer and exporter. Besides citrus fruits, cherries, strawberries, […]

Belsh Traditional Cooking

Belsh Traditional Cooking

Hospitality is a fundamental custom of Albanian society and serving food is integral to the hosting of guests and visitors. It is not infrequent for visitors to be invited to eat and drink with locals. The medieval Albanian code of honor, called Besa, resulted to look after guests and strangers as an act of recognition […]

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Belsh: Hills, Fields, and Water

Above the surface of the large Dumre Plateau (known also as Belsh), a colony of pretty much round lakes rises randomly in the fields. Nature, does things in a very unrestricted manner and these beautiful lakes are the exact manifestation of nature’s free will. Even though they casually spread over the entire region, an amazing […]

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The unique countryside of Belsh

By:Euronews Albania01-07-2021 19:21 Around 30 km southwest of Elbasan is the region of Dumre, which is known for the lakes and endless hills with vineyard and olive groves. Something that stands out in this area is Belsh, which has recently seen a boom of tourists.Euronews Albania’s most recent travel show traversing Albania from the north […]

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War and History: Dumre Battalion

Anti-Fascist National Liberation War of The People of Dumre. In the Albanian National Antifascist War, people of Dumre contributed with their help too. They established a Partisan Detachment (çeta partizane) on 25th of December, 1942. After a little more than a year of establishment, the Dumre’s Çeta together with that of Shpat village formed the […]

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20 Most Common Plants in Belsh

In Albania, Elbasan, Belsh, you can find China rose, Sweet cherry, European plum, Wine grape, Paradise apple, and more! There are 20 types of plants in total. Be sure to look out for these common plants when you’re walking on the streets, in parks, or in public gardens. Sources: Picturethisai

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Flowers and Fruits in Belsh

Belsh, located in Elbasan of Albania, has many distinctive local characteristics, yet not an abundance of native plants. Keep your eyes open when you walk through the streets, gardens, and parks of Belsh for a closer look of just what’s growing there. There are over 1,295 fruit plants in Belsh, including China rose, Sweet cherry, […]

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A Day Trip in Belsh

I started in the morning, around 8 o’clock. I got my car and drove from Elbasan to Belsh. The road towards Belsh passes through small villages covered by farmlands beautifully colored with brown, green, and yellow. Groups of reeds and other kind of trees, together with a number of hills are also your companies throughout […]

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Seferan: Aphrodite and Lilies

With the arrival of spring, Seferan lake is decked out in a gorgeous carpet of hues. Generated by water lilies blended in yellowish-white blossoms, this lake feels magical.The lake itself has a beautiful green color that is surrounded by the village of Seferan and a group of trees. In this lake, you can go for […]