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Holta Canyon

Holta Canyon visiting is one of those adventures that takes your breath away. Holta Canyon is located just a couple of hours away from the capital of Albania, Tirane. No matter that it is located that close, this canyon is still a mystery for most of Albanians and foreigners too. In fact, only recently that infrastructure has developed enough to allow visits to this natural attraction. The canyon is long around three kilometers and deep more than 350 meters. The location is the feet of Porocan Mountain, amid fields farmed with corn. Inside, time fades away really fast by wondering at astonishing colorful rocky walls, small caves and its peaceful atmosphere. It is possible to swim and sunbath inside the canyon because there are many thermal water pits.


During our road to Canyon of Holta we are going to see the lake of Banje. The landscapes are like in a dream and we will enjoy the road. Canyon of Holta is a young canyon created over time by the erosion process in Holta River. Inside the canyon are many small and big caves, yet undiscovered by the adventurous travelers. There we can find thermal water too. We are going to relax in the bath that they have formed. After the visit in the canyon it is time for Belshi, Seferan. We are going to see a little Toscana, with the difference that Belshi has 85 lakes. There we are going to try some special dishes.