Belsh map


These two are found at the southeast side of Belsh. Starting from city center, the first one meeting in your way is Marine Forest nearby the lake of the same name. Follow the road towards Grekan and Dëshiran, and in between them you will find a large forest with the nearby  lake Guras and Gjoli me Lëpusha that looks like a small water puddle. 

Marines forest

Marina Forest

It is located in the south side of Dumre. You can arrive there by walk, car or cycling. The distance is around 6.2 km far from the city center, and the road passes through Seferan. Take the road of Marinëz to arrive there. We recommend doing a long walk starting from the city center, passing through farming lands, relaxing for a few minutes in Seferan, where you can have a meal, and wlak towards the lake of Marinëz. This trail goes no more than 1 hour and 30 minutes walk.

Forests Marine

Dëshiran-Grekan Forest

After passing the Marinë Forest, further to the northeastern side, there is found another natural forest called Dëshiran-Grekan. It has this name because of its location in between two villages Grekan and Dëshiran. The location is about 17.9 m far from Belsh, and 23 min when traveling by car. It is also very nice to be experienced by cycling, and walking.