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About Belsh

One of the most known destinations in Albania, in the center of the country, is Pllaja e Dumresë (Dumre Plateau). Dumre is located between the river Shkumbin and the river Devoll which make also Dumre’s natural borders.

Belsh is the most known city in the area that stands as a central point of Dumre. The city of Belsh has played a significant role in the cultural and historical aspect of Albanian ancient times – namely since the Early Bronze Age.

The geographical location, alongside the interurban road that connects the north with the south of Albania, once known as Via Egnatia, makes Belsh suitable for economic interactions and development. Artifacts and ceramics found at archeological sites confirm the development of the first proto-urban towns of the Illyrians. Information also shows that during ancient times the characteristics of the region helped in developing of culture and economy of the population living there.

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Gradishte Belsh
The unique countryside of Belsh
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belsh city center
A Day Trip in Belsh
I started in the morning, around...
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Seferan: Aphrodite and Lilies
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Food & Restaurants in Belsh

Businesses in Belsh​ Dumrea Rubin
Bujtina Dumrea Rubin...
Restaurants Visit belsh
Open: Mon-Sun 7AM –...
Visit Belsh Ujvara
Open: Mon-Sund 8AM–10PM Phone:...
Businesses in Belsh​ Sofra e Liqenit
Open: Mon-Sun 12AM –...
Explore Belsh
Rooms: 8 Beds: 16 Phone:...
Businesses in Belsh Tufa
Open: Mon-Sun 8AM–11PM Phone:...
Businesses in Belsh Rama
Open: Mon-Sun Phone:...
Businesses in Belsh​ Rusta
Open: Mon-Sun Phone:...
Businesses in Belsh​ Tafani
Open: Mon-Sun 8AM –...
Businesses in Belsh​
Open: Mon-Sun 8AM –...
Businesses in Belsh​ Xhabakja
Bujtina Xhabakja is situated...

Top attractions


Also known as Belsh Castle, Gradishta is a natural monument of the area's cultural heritage ...

Top attractions

Seferan Lake

Located in Dumre, near the village of the same name Seferan. It consists of an interesting karst lake ...

Top attractions

Marinë Forest

Marine Forest was located 2 km from the center of Belsh, at the Kajan - Grekan intersection ...

Top attractions

Marinëz Lake

It is located 2 km from the center of Belshi. In the middle of the Marinea forest ...

Nature & Lakes

When we talk about Belsh and its nature, we relate to the nature of the Dumre Plateau. Belsh is part of a mixed nature with fertile fields, lakes and hills located within the territory of Dumre. Belshi itself lies on the side of a lake with the same name and backed by a mountain range covered with pine trees.



The largest area of the plateau is occupied by agricultural fields spread around the 84 lakes of Dumre. Lakes are a special characteristic nature of the area around which most of the vegetation and fauna come to life. While water lilies are one of the many beauties of the lakes.

Nature & Lakes in Belsh

Events in Belsh

Visit Belsh Festa e Balonave
Festa e Balonave
Balloon Fest
Visit Belsh Festa e Aferdites
Festa e Afërditës
Aphrodite Fest
Visit Belsh Maratona e Kenges
Maratona e Këngës Popullore/Festival
Visit Belsh Dita e Veres
Dita e Verës
Summer Day
Visit Belsh Nimfat e Liqeneve
Nymfat e Liqeneve
Lake Nymphs
Visit Belsh Festa Kombetare
Festa Kombëtare
National Days

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