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City of Belsh

One of the most known destinations in Albania, in the center of the country, is Pllaja e Dumresë (Dumre Plateau). This area of Albania is located between the river Shkumbin in the northwest, and the river Devoll in the east. These two rivers make also its natural borders.

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Information that you need to know

While other countries are constantly developing further their ways of transportation, Albania is still trying to built the basics of urban infostructure.

Always, keep in mid to ask locals for bus stations, travel itineraries, private transportation, and other ways to move from one point to another within the country.

Belsh Transport

Belsh Transport bus-stop


Belsh & Dumrea

To travel and move in Belsh, from one point to another within the area, you need to get a taxi or minibus. Transportation in Belsh is through small-sized vehicles due to its  infrastructure and a terrain full o hills.

Banks and Money

Banks and Money Belsh


Exchange & Money

Almost every service about transaction, money necessities, payment and bank transfers is located around the city center. There is an exchange shop that operates in Belsh, and the post office that is located on the opposite to the center. When you enter the city from Elbasan, you find it at your left had side. 


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Post Office

Albanian Post Office is a public company with client-oriented services to its network spread across the entire territory of the country up to the most remote rural areas, offers a wide range of postal and financial services with quality at competitive prices for individuals, businesses, institutions, and for all those who do not have access to banking.