Belsh map

A Day Trip in Belsh

I started in the morning, around 8 o’clock. I got my car and drove from Elbasan to Belsh. The road towards Belsh passes through small villages covered by farmlands beautifully colored with brown, green, and yellow. Groups of reeds and other kind of trees, together with a number of hills are also your companies throughout the entire trip. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the first village of Belsh. There, I had a quick stop. I went on a short walk around the almost dried lake that was about 2 minutes from the main road. Zekth was the village I went to.

People here live a very simple life, while memory of an old regime is cemented into the grotesque figures of large-sized bunkers that are still present in the area.

I shot some photographs of the lake and nature there, watched the skies lying down on the grass, and played with my thoughts by delving into the calm atmosphere of the land. Surrounded by a serene nature with the smell of the wild flowers, and listening to the sounds of the village that whispers smoothly, I felt as time had stopped forever. While enjoying those simple moments nature was making its magic and therapy within me. This is a practice that man should do every day – I meditate!

Later on, I left Zekth and went down to Belsh. From the village to the city is about 3 minutes by car. The city of Belsh is small and its lake surprises you at once. Buildings and life here evolve around this lake. Everything seemed fully embraced by a serene atmosphere coming out of the lake itself. apart from the buildings that were spread around the lake, there was a hill that opened the way to the rest of the Dumre Plateau. The hill was mainly populated by pine trees and some kind of short-height vegetation. The most obvious here were the planted fields of each Villa and house. Bars and restaurants were widespread around the city center. There the Boulevard awaits you for a pleasant walk.

When you explore the west side of the city, you will certainly stop at the fields that are mainly planted with olives, vineyards, and cornfield. Those were located to the hills, with houses built on the top and cultivations spreading around modestly to the hill-sides.
Turning back to the center, I walked towards the opposite side, at east direction. There I had my lunch at Ujvara Restaurant. I tasted the local food and really liked the grilled vegetables served with white cheese and olive oil. Belsh is known for its virgin olive oil. I really enjoyed my lunch and the beautiful view of the lake of Belsh in front of me. I stood longer under the sun’s rays and played with the water glimmering flocks. Around an hour later, I went to visit the area in the Parthinean Hill (known also as Gradishta hill). Gradishta is located east of Belsh and it is much popular and historical. The location is about 9 minutes’ drive from Belsh. The area was surrounded by planted fields and some small sinkholes dried when is summer. Pheasants use these sinkholes as irrigation systems for their fields after the end of rain periods. Once I arrived there, I had to stop at some point far from the hill. Even though there wasn’t any car road, you can find two path-walks that take you to the hill. In a few seconds, I found myself in the middle of the fields that were beautifully arranged close to each other. The hill itself rose in shape while I approached it. The entire area was best for long walks, that can take about 3 hours, and for hiking to the top of Gradishta where ancient ruins still remain. There, I met Gramoz, a villager that was grazing his sheep. I surprised him by wandering in the fields out of the main path. We had a pleasant conversation and Gramoz told me about life in the village and the importance of water for the entire Dumre Plateau.

Approaching six o’clock in the afternoon, I left Belsh and drove towards Elbasan. I went off from city full of serenity and memories to keep with me forever. Having experienced this trip, I can conclude my story by saying that I feel Belsh as a destination that shouldn’t be missed, especially of those moments when you need to escape from your life in the city filled with stress and rumors. The nature in Belsh or in Dumre it’s also a destination that gives you the feeling of connection with nature, with your own spiritual side!