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Visit Belsh Marine Lake

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Belsh offers you a lots of possibilities to build beautiful experiences. From in nature free walk, hiking, fishing to exploring and camping. 

Boat Trip

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When you visit Belsh on the weekend, a color blue boat will be waiting for you at the lake mole. The boat goes inside-round the lake for a short trip to enjoy while drinks are served on your desire. Ask at the mole for more information, times, and accommodation. 


Business Visit Belsh

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In Belsh, businesses, are mainly bars and restaurants. There are just a few of them that expand further their services and products, like olive oils, local vegetables, and meat product.

Charity & Causes


People come here, mostly third age ones, for food and activates. The Social Center is located nearby the city center and welcomes all people that are in need of food and help. 


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Belsh Festivals

One of the most popular festivals in Belsh is Food Festivsl. The Food Festival takes place to Seferan and its purpose is the promotion of local products and cuisine. 

Food & Drink

Shafrani i Dumrese Visit Belsh


Belsh Cuisine and Food

Hospitality is a fundamental custom of Albanian society and serving food is integral to the hosting of guests and visitors. It is not infrequent for visitors to be invited to eat and drink with locals. The medieval Albanian code of honor, called Besa, resulted to look after guests and strangers as an act of recognition and gratitude.

Government & Institutions

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The municipality consists of the administrative units of Fierzë, Grekan, Kajan, Rrasë with Belsh constituting its seat. As of the Institute of Statistics estimate from the 2011 census, there were 8,781 people residing in Belsh and 19,503 in Belsh Municipality.



Arts & Culture

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Music & Tradition

Visit Belsh Music & Tradition


Traditions & Folklore

Belsh has its own traditional music, dance, and folklore.

Performing & Visual Arts

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Kolonia e Piktorëve – Painters Colony

18-22 May 

Albanian painters gather each other every year in Belsh to create painting landscapes. Around 40 painters spread in the area finding inspiring spots to frame into their art the colours of nature. At the end of the activity, all paintings are exposed in the city center open to the public. 

Sports & Fitness

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Culture & Sports

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