Gradishte Belsh

The unique countryside of Belsh

By:Euronews Albania01-07-2021 19:21 Around 30 km southwest of Elbasan is the region of Dumre, which is known for the lakes and endless hills with vineyard and olive groves. Something that stands out in this area is Belsh, which has recently seen a boom of tourists.Euronews Albania’s most recent travel show traversing Albania from the north […]

belsh city center

A Day Trip in Belsh

I started in the morning, around 8 o’clock. I got my car and drove from Elbasan to Belsh. The road towards Belsh passes through small villages covered by farmlands beautifully colored with brown, green, and yellow. Groups of reeds and other kind of trees, together with a number of hills are also your companies throughout […]

Explore Belsh

Seferan: Aphrodite and Lilies

With the arrival of spring, Seferan lake is decked out in a gorgeous carpet of hues. Generated by water lilies blended in yellowish-white blossoms, this lake feels magical.The lake itself has a beautiful green color that is surrounded by the village of Seferan and a group of trees. In this lake, you can go for […]