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Dita e Verës – Summer Day

14 March

The Summer Day is a tradition that continues to exist till today. Each year in 14 of March people, especially the youth of Belsh, create activities that promote local products, tradition, and tourism. 

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Dita e Balonave

27 April

This day is a great event for the children and pupils of Belsh. The Municipality in collaboration with the Ministry of Education organize each year the Festa Balonave day where all the little ones bring with them a paper hand made balloon to lift it up on the open air. 

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Festival of Folklore 

22-24 August

The festival is an event that promotes traditional music and songs. Here groups from Elbasan, Fier, Librazhd, etc., perform traditional Albanian polyphonic and folkloric song, and dances. 

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Nifma e Liqeneve

13-15 September

The event has as main objective to promote the natural beauty, local food, local products, and in general the tradition and culture of the area. 

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