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Getting to Belsh

For anyone who lives in Elbasan, or for those who encounter Elbasan on their way, Belsh is easily accessible within a 45 minute drive. Although in some segments, the road to Belsh can be a bit tiring, because of the road-turns, passing through villages full of cultivated fields makes it a pleasant journey to experience. The trip takes about 38 km long, and the road passes through Mjekës, Kuqan, Shingjergj, Cërrik and ends in the town of Belsh.

Other ways of communication: for those coming from abroad by air, Tirana airport is the only point closer to Belsha. If we start from the west, e.g., Durrës, the road that passes by Peqin in the direction of Cërrik is the one that takes us to Belsh. Whereas, from the south of Albania, the cities of Lushnja and Fier are the closest points to the area.

If you travel by Ferry, the Port of Durrës is the point where you can find bus lines that takes you to Belsh or Elbasan. From Elbasan there are daily buses and taxis that take you to Belsh. 

Population and Geography

One of the most known national poets once said: “Dumre should be the Capital of Albania.” It is because the area is geographically located in the center of Albania, being as a meeting point for the north and south, and surrounded by the natural beauty of its 84 lakes.

The region includes the city of Belsh that stands as its capital. Over 30 other villages are spread around the region. 

Dumre Plateau is famous for its large number of lakes, 84 in total. It is located in the district of Elbasan, on the border with the district of Fier and that of Peqin. Based on the geological formation, Dumre territory is shaped with karst land-formation. Along the entire territorial extension, the altitude does not change over 50 meters difference, and from the low altitude in relation to the sea level, Dumre is a hilly area. 

The region, which covers an approximately 215 km², is bordered to the south by the district of Kuçova, to the east by the plain of Elbasan, to the north by the District of Peqin and to the west by the district of Lushnja.

Belsh is a small town beside the lake with the same name. It is located in the south-west of Elbasan, about 38 km away from it. The municipality of Belshi has an area of 196.44 km2 consisting of 8781 administrative units. The population of Belshi reaches up to 5,700 inhabitants, while Belsh Municipality counts about 13,700 inhabitants (ref. 2021-wiki). The population of this area is mainly autochthonous, mixed with a smaller amount that came in later periods from the surrounding areas, such as Sulovë, Verçe, Gramsh, and Shpat.