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Belsh Transport

The city of Belsh is very affordable and easy to move around it even by walk. Bikes are also useful and citizens use them to do their daily jobs. There is a bus line, starting from the city center, that connects Belsh with Elbasan. Other buses, like sprinter bus, are used to transport people from Belsh to the nearby villages and in Lushnje, Fier, and Berat. Taxis and minibuses are mainly positioned in two places: the first station is at the center of the city, the road  coming from Elbasan, and the second station is at the east side of the city that connects Belsh with the rest of Dumre. Those are the main ways of transport in Belsh from outside it and within the plateau. 


Belsh transport is still in development and we’ll update this page continuously.

visit belsh transport
visit belsh transport