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Belsh Post Office

Albanian Post Office is a public company with client-oriented services to its network spread across the entire territory of the country up-to the most remote rural areas. It offers a wide range of postal and financial services with quality at competitive prices for individuals, businesses, institutions, and for all those who do not have access to banking. The activity of all postal services is provided by the legislation in force for posts in the territory of Albania. Activity financial and banking services are in accordance with banking legislation and license issued by the Bank of Albania. The company provides delivery postal and financial services throughout the territory of the Republic of Albania. Postal services include correspondence, letters, manuscripts, typescripts, small packages, colipase, telefax, telegrams SMS.


How to get there?

Starting from the city center, towards the northeast side of Belsh, you will find the Post Office Service. The Post Office is reachable by foot, by private car, bike or taxi.

Driving by car, the location is around 950 meters and it takes no more than 5 minutes. While by walk, it’s approximately 10 minutes far from the center. You can also get there by bike. In addition, Private Telecommunication Services are located close to the city center.

post office visit belsh
post office visit belsh