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Things to do in Belsh

Trekking in Gradishta

Belsh landscape offers an amassing view for all of those who are pensioned about walking and hiking of long distances. The area is full of hills and agriculture farms that have their hidden passages through. Their greenish colors and olive trees will be the main experience for all the visitors. Perhaps, you find a local resident to talk with about history and culture.

Gradishte Belsh

Walk & Cycle Around Seferan

Seferan is a village nearby Belsh. It has its own lake also called Seferan Lake. The landscape around the lake is beautifully filled with bushes and pine trees. Also, there is a road-circuit built around the lake for all of those who want to have a long walk to explore more about this destination.

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Visit Merhoja Lake

Merhoja lake is located on south side of Belsh, 5 minutes time from Seferan village by car. The lake has the most clear water in the whole area of Dumrea. Fishing and swimming is allowed here. There is a restaurant close to the shore that welcomes everyone to enjoy the local cuisine of Belsh, while relaxing their view to the beautiful lake.  

Seferan lake

Boat Trip - Belsh Lake

In the city center, there is a blue boat for small trips around the lake of Belsh. This boat operates usually every weekend, and mostly during summer season. 

Things to do in Belsh


The main activities in Belsh are walking, cycling, and visiting the lakes. So, for the bike riding passionate the area is a perfect place to experience this kind of activity. There are so many places that you can go with your bike that can fill your entire day with pleasure. The terrain goes from mild road-farm-land to up-hills topes, and its difficulty goes up to mediate. Find more about trails and destinations to go for cycling.

Visit Belsh Marine Lake

Canoeing - Seferan Lake

Once arrived in Seferan, except the lake and its spiritual beauty, the Bujtina Resort Zejtaria offers canoe for an relaxing activity in the lake Seferan. Ask for more information the residents of the village.

Seferan lake