Seferan lake


Lakes Landscape & Water The karst composition of the territories gives the area, in its natural formation, the uniqueness of a visual beauty. The characteristics of the karst material, which is found throughout the plateau, has enabled the formation of 84 lakes which stand like pearls on the surface of Dumre. They represent a special […]

Belsh archaeological site

Archaeological sites​

Man-made attractions Archaeological sites The authors of the archaeological excavations tell us, according to the findings, that the area of Dumre has experienced civilizations since the ancient times of Albanian history. Among these, Gradishta of Belsh is mentioned as the center of cultural and economic developments since the Bronze Age. The period, which is known […]

Gradishte Belsh

Hiking to Gradishta Mountain

Hiking to Gradishta Mountain.It is located in the Belsh region. Walking from the center of Belsh to the mountain takes about an hour to get there if you know a driver who can get you there, good! Otherwise, there is no frequent transport that will take you to the mountain. I recommend wearing walking shoes. It […]

Visit Belsh Marina lake

Marinëz Lake

New center for tourism and culture is coming up in Lake Marinë, Dumre. In Belsh, Elbasan, the area of the Marina lake has turned into a destination for visitors. Belshi, completely reborn, is now an important tourist destination in the district of Elbasan. It is an area with a natural landscape that makes for itself […]