Belsh map

Marinëz Lake

New center for tourism and culture is coming up in Lake Marinë, Dumre.

In Belsh, Elbasan, the area of the Marina lake has turned into a destination for visitors.

Belshi, completely reborn, is now an important tourist destination in the district of Elbasan. It is an area with a natural landscape that makes for itself in all four seasons, but the most interesting is spring and autumn, where the vegetation is striking with its bold colors.

The entire province counts about 84 lakes, among them there are some very small ones, but all of them are beautiful and have their own characteristics.

They have a surprising flora, especially in spring. Some are counted with names for their beauty, such as that of Seferan, Merhoje, Cestije, Dega, with a rich flora such as white lily, yellow lily, characteristic of the waters of these lakes that attract the attention of visitors.