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Visit Belsh delicious fish


Bars & Restaurants Dumrea Rubin Open: Mon-Sun7AM – 11PM Phone: 0696670744 Address: Rruga Shelehere Seferan, Belsh, 3008 More Perla e Dumresë Open: Mon-Sun7AM – 11PMPhone: 0683234374Address: City Center, Belsh, 3008 More Ujvara Open: Mon-Sund8AM–10PM Phone: 0696233339 Address: Rruga Cezma e Vjeter, Belsh 3008 More Sofra e Liqenit Open: Mon-Sun12AM – 10PMPhone: 0692923666Address: WVV8+MM, Belsh More […]

Business Visit Belsh

Businesses in Belsh​

Businesses in Belsh​ Bars & Restaurants Bujtina Dumrea Rubin  Bujtina Dumrea Rubin is offering accommodation in Elbasan…. Read More Perla e Dumresë Open: Mon-Sun 7AM – 11PM Phone: 0683234374 Address:… Read More Bar Restorant Ujvara Open: Mon-Sund 8AM–10PM Phone: 0696233339 Address:… Read More Sofra e Liqenit Open: Mon-Sun 12AM – 10PM Phone: 0692923666 Address:… Read […]

Things to do in Belsh

Boat trip​

Boat trip When you visit Belsh on the weekend, a color blue boat will be waiting for you at the lake mole. There is a boat available in Belsh Lake to make a tour around the lake. The boat is anchored near the tourist pier of Belsh Lake and welcomes hundreds of local and foreign […]

Visit Belsh Marine Lake

Outdoor Activities​

Outdoor Activities Cycling – Trails Cycling, use of a bicycle for sport, recreation, or transportation. The sport of cycling consists of professional and amateur races, which are held mostly in continental Europe, the United States, and Asia. The recreational use of the bicycle is widespread in Europe and the United States, and so in Albania. […]

Activities Visit Belsh


Natural attractions Other/Nearby Attractions Top attractions Holta Canyon Holta Canyon visiting is one of those adventures that takes your breath away. Holta Canyon is located just a couple of hours away from the capital of Albania, Tirane. No matter that it is located that close, this canyon is still a mystery for most of Albanians […]

Seferan lake


Lakes Landscape & Water The karst composition of the territories gives the area, in its natural formation, the uniqueness of a visual beauty. The characteristics of the karst material, which is found throughout the plateau, has enabled the formation of 84 lakes which stand like pearls on the surface of Dumre. They represent a special […]

Marina forest


Forests These two are found at the southeast side of Belsh. Starting from city center, the first one meeting in your way is Marine Forest nearby the lake of the same name. Follow the road towards Grekan and Dëshiran, and in between them you will find a large forest with the nearby  lake Guras and […]

Activities Visit Belsh


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Activities Visit Belsh

Villages/Old Towns​

Villages/Old Towns Villages Çepe  FIND ON MAP Villages Dushk FIND ON MAP Villages Stojan  FIND ON MAP Villages Shkozë FIND ON MAP Villages Qafë Shkallë FIND ON MAP Villages Seferan FIND ON MAP Villages Trojas FIND ON MAP Villages Shkëndi FIND ON MAP Villages Gradishtë FIND ON MAP Villages Marinëz FIND ON MAP Villages Shtith […]