Belsh map

Seferan Lake

The lake is about 2.7 km  and 7 minutes by car far from Belsh. The way that connects Seferan with Belsh is interesting for a walk that can become also as time for spiritual gaining. 

To perfectly conclude the beautiful excursion, the visitor can take a relaxing boat ride along Seferan Lake.


While the water lilies adorn many of this area’s lakes, with the coming of spring, Seferan Lake is decked by a wonderful tapestry of colors, created mostly by a beautiful combination of yellow and white flowers. While in Seferan, you need to taste the delicious saffron tea and kulaç (a special kind of Albanian artisan bread) made with local olive oil.


Part of this beautiful view, is Gradishta Cliff, otherwise known as Belsh Castle due to the ruins found there. Considered a fairly developed center since the 6th century B.C., the fortified city constructed during the subsequent two centuries belongs to the Parthini Illyrian tribe, s subgroup of the famous Taulantii. The tomb of an Illyrian prince (Prince of Belsh) found here once contained 70 or so ancient objects which nowadays are displayed at the Mamuz in Asparn, Austria.