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Paja Agrotourism

Paja Agritourism is located between Lake Seferan and the Belsh-Kucove road axis, where a series of services are offered. The history of Paja Agritourism began after 2004, after 11 years of experience in the field of tourism in Greece.
The production and processing of grapes started with wine, brandy, jam, vinegar and compote. After that the planting of olive trees and the construction of the processing plant for the extraction of olive oil. It continued with raising birds, farming fish, and agriculture and livestock.
All products are served in the restaurant with different traditional dishes with chicken, and certain dishes should be mentioned such misnik, various fish dishes, in particular pan-cooked fish, much preferred by visitors, accompanied by house wine and raki and, of course, bread baked in the traditional way.
Fish farmed by the farm from Lake Seferan are also in high demand.
Of course, after a nice lunch, visitors cannot help but enjoy the songs and dances of the area, water sports, boating, sport fishing, swimming, and other activities.
The location near the lake makes camping a highly sought after activity here.