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Pastries and desserts

There is a strong tradition of home baking in the country and patisseries are present in every city and village across the country. Entirely Albanian pastries and desserts consist primarily of fruits including oranges and lemons that grow as well as in the country. Traditionally, fresh fruits are often eaten after a meal as a […]

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Ingredients in Albanian Cuisine

Ingredients Located in Southern Europe with a direct proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, the Albanian cuisine features a wide range of fresh fruits, growing naturally in the fertile Albanian soil and under the warm sun. In consideration of being an agricultural country, Albania is a significant fruit importer and exporter. Besides citrus fruits, cherries, strawberries, […]

Belsh Traditional Cooking

Belsh Traditional Cooking

Hospitality is a fundamental custom of Albanian society and serving food is integral to the hosting of guests and visitors. It is not infrequent for visitors to be invited to eat and drink with locals. The medieval Albanian code of honor, called Besa, resulted to look after guests and strangers as an act of recognition […]

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Local food

Local Food Note: This page will be updated continuously Real tourism has begun to emerge in this area, apart from the new hotels that are being built, small guesthouses, so similar to agritourism businesses in neighboring areas, have begun to become popular in Belsh as well. Different types of pies, bread with fritters on top, […]