Belsh map

Belsh Lake

It is located in Belsh on the East and South side of the town of Belsh. It has an area of 26.9 ha and a maximum depth of 13.1 m on its southern side. Lake Belsh (alb: Liqeni i Belshit) offers a picturesque view of the city center. It is used for fishing and irrigation. This lake is one of the largest in the area. It has a magical view that amazes you by its serene blue color when siting to the nearby bars and coffee houses.


The road from Tirana to Belsh passes through Elbasan Perimeter Highway and continues on to the Cërrik Crossway. From there, it takes you no more than 38 minutes to arrive at the Dumre Plateau. A walk in the modern promenade or even a stop at one of the coffee shops or restaurants will provide another grand view of the Belsh Lake. In the evenings, with the city lights turning on one after another, the lake calmly reflects the warm atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.


General location and approach: The Belsh Lakes lie roughly in the middle of the triangle of Elbasan/Cerrik, Kucove/Berat, and Patos/Fier. Many approaches to Belsh are possible, and we selected the one coming from Cerrik – which also is the main commercial route plied with buses.